Supercharge Your Trading With A Private Trading Coach

Effective, practical coaching from a 15 year trading veteran

Three hours every week that will supercharge your trading better than any book, video or chat-room – and it will change your life!

Personal Attention That Will Make A Difference

Kick Your Trading Skills Into High Gear With 1-on-1 Training In A Supportive Atmosphere.

Straight Talk, Real Results!

Learn Strategies That Really Work

Strategies That Have Stood The Test of Time.

The Basics Work – No Fancy Indicators, No Price Derivatives Necessary!

Entries, Exits, Risk Control

We help you master it all.

You’ve read about it, now let us help you put it all into a coordinated plan.


Sticking to a plan is hard.

We make it easier.

Affordable Coaching That Is Appropriate For Most Active Traders

The fastest way to take your trading to the next level and amp up your profits.  Seriously!

Is This Suitable For A Novice?

Yes.  Coaching is suitable for traders of all levels.  Since its 1-on-1 you will get personal attention suitable to your skills.

What Does It Cost?

$300 per week.  This covers three hours of phone-calls, video chats, text chats and emails.

Is There A Contact?

No.  You can cancel anytime – even after just a week.  We do not lock you into a long term subscription contract.

How Often Do We Meet?

As often as necessary, up to 3 hours a week on the standard plan.  

Why Is This Better?

You get personal attention from a proven profitable trader who can offer feedback and ideas at the exact time you need it.

Is There A Free Trial?

No.  But you are welcome to purchase a single hour of our time for $149.00 to see how you like working with us.

What Markets Do You Focus On?

Yes!  Once you sign up you can request access to the track record page.  As part of the sign-up terms and conditions you are not allowed to share or otherwise divulge the track record.

Is There A Real-time Chat Room?

Yes and No.  We have a slack room for all current members but it is not for “calling trades”.  Intead, this program works in conjuction with whatever other chat-rooms you use.  If we are successful you will no longer need us or any other chat-room or training room.

Who Is The Coach?

Nigel Bahadur.  He has been trading since 2001 and has an official track record that starts in 2005.  He was instrumental in the startup and operation of Linda Raschke’s Granat Fund and has presented at various trading related conferences over the years.  

Hours Per Week

1-on-1 sessions Per Month

Core Trading Strategies

New Trading Strategies Per Year

Just $300 Per Week Gets You 3 Hours Of Personal Attention

You will be pleasantly suprised how far you progress after just one week!

Not Ready To Leap To The Next Level?
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Everything You Need To Be Even More Successful

You already know the basics.  Now we will work with you to get you even greater levels of profitability.

Weekly Meetings

Beginning Traders

Avoid the painful learning curve associated with chasing the next “hot” thing.  Weekly meetings focus on just what is needed to succeed now.

Tool Box

Intermediate Traders

Lets give you some new tools to add to your tool box.  Different markets need different strategies – lets get you trading new markets with new weapons!


Advanced Traders

We keep you focused on what you do best. And, use our techniques to supercharge your own trading style!

Core Features

Daily & Weekly Meetings

You don’t need coaching all day every day.  For most traders, once or twice a week is enough with follow up emails and text chats. We force you to make efficient use of your time.

Individual Attention

We only do 1-on-1 coaching.  This make it easy for us to focus our attention on you.  Ever been in one of those chat rooms with 40+ or 100+ traders and felt completely lost?


Personal 1-on-1 coaching is ridiculously expensive.  $5000.00 per week or more.  For $300 per week you get almost all the same benefits from us for a whole lot less!

A Focus On What Works

We know what works.  And its really simple mechanics.  The rest is about discipline and learning to manage yourself.


You are accountable for your trading actions to your coach.  Having accountability makes it easier to stay disciplined.

Experienced Coach

Nigel has been trading for 15+ years with the “arrows” in the back to prove it! He wants to prevent you from making the same mistakes!

Seriously, Where's The Free Stuff?

Sorry, we don’t have much in the way of free stuff.

There is a lot of free stuff related to trading on Youtube.  But you’ll wade through a ton of really bad stuff to get to the really good material.

In other words – most free stuff is worth exactly that – nothing.

Which is why we no longer give away stuff for free.  No one really values it.

Instead, we’ve priced this service low enough so you can easily “kick the tires”.  And, if you don’t like it, you can quit after a week and be done with us.

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