Three Hours Per Week Private Coaching

$300.00 / week

Get on-going coaching for up to three hours every week.  Cancel any time.  No long term contracts.

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Increase your trading prowess with an experienced trader by your side every week. Three hours a week is all most traders need in order to overcome barriers and make progress towards their training goals.

Some examples of things we might cover in our sessions

  • Help to understand trend reversals better
  • What are power-trades and why are they so effective?
  • Why is chart xyz in a downtrend?
  • What are the red, green and purple lines on your charts?
  • Is this a breakout formation? Why/why not?
  • What money management techniques do you use?
  • Help me train my eye to see support and resistance better
  • How can I use multiple time frames?
  • Why do you use the Tradestation platform?
  • Where can I get my proprietary indicators developed?
  • What can I do to stop taking random trades during the day that do not fit my trading plan?
  • What do I need to know before I start automating my trading system?
  • Do you have a broker you recommend (one where you do not get paid for referrals?)
  • How can I structure my day?
  • What kind of trading is appropriate given my lifestyle?
  • Creating a simple repeatable process that takes less than an hour a day
  • Have a desk job?  Learn a technique for training your gut on market movements even when you’re not actively trading.
  • Why is a basic understanding of statistics important?

And, of course, anything else you might need during the week.