Why You Should Never Give Up On Trading

Trading isn’t easy. Anyone who says otherwise is either trying to sell you something or hasn’t been trading long enough to have a credible opinion. But mastering it can be quite rewarding – even if you have to blow out a few accounts to get there…
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Master Day Trading in Just 30 Days: Lesson #1

OK, so you want to be a day trader. But do you know what being a day trader really means? Yes, the freedom you get by setting your own hours can be intoxicating. The profits that can be made are unlimited. And it really can ultimately be life changing!
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Master Day Trading in Just 30 Days: Lesson #3

In this 3rd installment of our day trading training series, we will briefly switch to something a bit more practical instead of just lecturing on the basics. One of the reasons we’re throwing this practical portion in here is because it might take you a few days to complete.

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Master Day Trading in Just 30 Days: Lesson #4

In this 4th installment of our day trading training series, we are going to keep things very simple. This is the the first lesson where you will be entering trades — but not live trades…
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Copper (HG) Critical Point (Short / Long Play)

15 January, 2017 After a large impulse to the upside, Copper futures are starting to carve out a giant trading range valued around $7500 USD (measured from low to high). Now,  it looks like this market is close to the upper end of the range which opens up a...

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S&P500/ES Hourly Trade Setup

05 December, 2016 Early last week we published a post about the easiest trade you might be able to make all year.  Basically, it advocated buying pullbacks on the hourly charts and holding on as long as you can. Well, overnight the ES chart completed a pattern...

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Coffee – Long Trade Idea

30 November, 2016 Coffee futures have been in an uptrend for most of 2016.  Now it has pulled back to an area where price spent a lot of time earlier this year (and even last year).  This presents a potential swing trade opportunity. Obviously no one can...

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The Simplest Trade You Could Make All Year

28 November, 2016 Sometimes its best to just keep things simple. We mentioned last week that US Equities generally have a bullish bias during the Thanksgiving holiday week and that if a breakout were to occur, there was a good chance it would be during that time...

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US Equities In A Holiday Week

21 November, 2016 US Equities are at an interesting point.  The DOW has pushed to new highs as has the small caps index (Russell 2000).  But the S&P 500, the broader measure of the US Stock market and the Nasdaq, the market leader for many months, have...

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US Markets – Maximum Point Of Indecision

11 November, 2016 Murphy's law - in one of the most active trading weeks we've had in a long time, we're entering the last day with the markets closing at the maximum point of indecision. How the market closes today (Friday) will be very telling. Will the bulls go for...

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