Here are some common questions about our service.

How is this service different from a standard tip/chat room?

Other Chat Rooms

Most chat-rooms specialize in “calling trades” based on one or more methodologies that the owners specialize in.  There are usually instructions for entering a trade as well as guidelines for exiting and protecting a trade.  Some will provide dozens of trades every day while others will provide just a few.

The fatal flaw with most chat-rooms, tip-sheets and nightly newsletters is the lack of personal attention.

Everyone learns differently and at a different pace.  It is very hard to cater to everyone when you have 50 or 100 people in a room.

In the worst case scenario, trades are called rapidly and you barely have enough time to notice the call before the price moves away from you.

What We Do

Our service and learning environment is different.

First, there is no “chat-room” where trades are called.  Instead, the focus is on learning via personal attention.  By sticking to a 1-on-1 coaching service, you have a real chance to be heard and learning can be personlized and focused solely on you.

Second, the personalized learning is on-going.  Meeting week after week creates a natural continuity to the learning process.

Third, we can help you analyze and filter all the information you’re getting from other sources (as part of the learning process)

Is There a Chat Room?

Yes and No.  There is master SLACK room where all members can meet and chat.  We have considered highlighting trades and posting charts in the master group room but have not done so yet.

You will find all links to chat rooms at the top of your MY ACCOUNT page

Do You Teach Specific Techniques?

Yes.  We teach both discretionary and automated trading concepts.  If you’re just getting started and looking for core techniques that have worked and stood the test of time we’ve got you covered.

For discretionary trading we teach trend reversals (at support and resistance) and breakouts.  These are the core techniques you need in any active trading career.

For automated trading we share Tradestation Code.

Note:  Code from prior groups or months are not shared.  You only get code and lessons for the month in which you actually participate in a group.

What Markets Do You Trade or Teach In

We focus primarily on Futures and Stocks

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final.  Yes, we know its a bit harsh.  But we have our reasons for this policy, having been burned with more generous refund policies in the past.

Recurring subscriptions are charged in advance every week or month on the start of your anniversary date and provides membership benefits for the next period.  Once a charge has been processed there are NO REFUNDS.

You can cancel at any time and your existing membership benefits will continue until your next weekly/monthly/annual anniversary date.

We have made our default/standard plan a WEEKLY plan which is probably the shortest recurring plan you will find in the industry.  This makes it very convenient to try our service and cancel in a very short time if you like. We do not lock you into long term contracts unless you choose one of our highly discounted annual plans.


What About Fundamentals?

We do not pay attention to fundamentals or TV spokesmen or “research” papers from brokers and the like. Our coaching and trading techniques assume that your primary interest is in using the charts to make your trading decisions (i.e.: technicals).

Is There A Guarantee?

No one can make you a guarantee that you will become a superstar trader. No One!

But we do guarantee that we will teach you things that we know and believe work, offer advice that we take ourselves and generally try to keep you on the path of least resistance to further success.  It is up to you to choose to walk the the path of least resistance that we suggest or continue to search for the “holy grail” of trading.