The ONLY Trading Technique You Will Ever Need!

You Only Need ONE Good Technique To Be A Profitable Trader!

So choose the one that has worked for over 150+ years – updated for today’s super-fast markets!

There are literally thousands of trading techniques that you could learn as you seek to master the financial markets. But who has the time for that? Knowing that there is one rule for this situation and a different rule for a slightly different situation is overwhelming and confusing.

But what if I told you that you could start your trading career successfully knowing just one technique? That would be much less daunting – right?

The purpose of this book is to get you up to speed on that one strategy. And the best news – if you have the discipline to stick to one strategy then this could be the one and only trading technique you ever need.

What Is This Technique?

It Is Our Proprietary Variation On Breakouts

We have taken the tried and true ideas behind trading breakouts and updated them to make it more reliable and to work in more markets and timeframes.

Breakouts work – always have and always will.  But in today’s high-volatilty, high-frequency driven markets, whipsaws are common and breakouts are no longer clean.

New filters and entry/exit/stop techniques are needed to keep you out of trouble and preserve your capital.

Here are just some of the topics covered

We keep it simple!

How To Select What To Trade

Stocks? Futures? Options? Currencies?

Where To Enter

The exact level where you should enter your trade.

Where To Take Profits

Everything you need to know to exit your trade properly.

Protective Stops

How to make sure you keep your capital by identifying the exact point to hold a protective stop order.

7 Golden Rules

There are seven golden rules for initiating and managing breakout trades.  Find out what they are and how they are key to earning and keeping your trading profits.

Money Management

Risk control is instrumental to surviving as a trader.  We introduce you to the core ideas that will keep you in the game.

Everything You Need

And Nothing You Don’t.

Trading Is Simple – Why Complicate It?

Seasoned traders know this.  Which is why we have removed all the fluff you would usually find in other books.  What remains is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Really, why should it take 300 pages for you to learn how to enter and exit a trade?  Can you remember all that during the trading day?

Do You Know EXACTLY What Defines A Trade?

Get This Book And You Will Never Wonder Again

You will always know:

  • How to identify a trade.
  • Exactly when to enter.
  • Exactly when to take profits.
  • Exactly where to place your protective stop order.

There is no ambiguity!

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